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Action Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear of the future. Depression is sadness over the past or your present. The Lord calls us to live in the present through him, by relying on him relentlessly, in a childlike fashion. This living in the present means taking action (or rather being decisive) regarding our action or inaction throughout our lives, meaning a submission of our will to God.

I always struggle with living in the now. But, I realized a lot of my anxiety and depression through different times stemmed from not placing my trust in God and not trusting him to guide me in my decisiveness. When we get stuck, who do we look to for guidance?

Do we look to ourselves? Do we look to others? Some role model? My suggestion would be first to look to the Lord for guidance to the right decision, whatever it may be - this doesn't necessarily mean to do something (it very may well mean to NOT do something). However, you can be decisive knowing that you can trust in the Lord in your successes and failures.

The more we take action in being decicive about our lives, the less time we can spend in a stressful state of mind and instead live in peace, knowing that by taking action in our present situation we can continually work forward to the life both we and God desires.

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