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The Intro

Welcome to theCatholicJourney. I'm starting this site because I want to share with the world the beauty of my faith and the things I've learned through my journey, and the experiences I am going to have in the future. I am passionate about a lot. First and foremost, my Catholic faith. I wouldn't call myself a "Cradle-Catholic", but was raised Catholic and attanded Catholic schools until midway through 7th grade. I was never the regular mass-goer, until I rediscovered my faith for the first time going into my freshman year of high school. I later became lax in my practice, but remained faithful, and rediscovered my faith in a much more mature way again towards the end of college. It is my belief that we are all on a constant journey of rediscovering our faith with Christ, and ourselves.

I'm also a to-the-bone engineer. I enjoy the curiosity of figuring out how the world around me works and have likely been on the engineer path since I was born. I'm passionate about personal finance, health, and really enjoy understanding people and being able to help guide people. I'm typically the kind of person everyone comes to for advice, and I hope to share this gift with you.

As I journey forward, I hope you will pray for me and enjoy what hopefully becomes refreshing and relatable insight into the day-to-day push to become a better person through Christ.


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